AlloTrue™ Cleansing Process

AlloSource uses our AlloTrue Cleansing Process – a unique, patented process designed to penetrate deep within donor tissue to remove blood, lipids and reduce bioburden.

Created through a collaboration of AlloSource’s engineering, research and development and operations departments, AlloTrue utilizes a combination of treatments of antibiotics, alcohol, peroxide (cut tissue only) and multiple water rinses. The deep cleansing, with minimal tissue manipulation, results in microbial inactivation.

  • Tissue cleansing is done in a sealed, aseptic vessel utilizing an automatic process in order to maintain consistency.
  • Ultrasonic cleansing reaches deep within the tissues at a tightly controlled temperature to avoid overheating tissue.
  • Tissue is systematically rotated to provide maximum exposure of all tissue surfaces to cleansing reagents, avoiding the “stagnant layering” of other cleansing processes where tissue is stationary.
  • Computerized controls are in place so that technicians can uphold consistent processing, rotation, temperature regulation and exposure to reagents in order to maintain tissue integrity.
  • Matching the donor tissue to the reagents minimizes overexposure to cleansing agents, excessive over-processing and over-whitening.
  • The microprocessor automatically determines the length of the sonication cycles and when to drain the system.
  • The sonication/draining cycle is repeated several times, using new water and reagents each time.