Centennial, Colo. — October 21, 2016 — AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest providers of cartilage, cellular, bone, skin and soft-tissue allografts to advance patient healing, received the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors’ Harman Award for philanthropic leadership. The award is presented to an individual, family, corporation, foundation or service organization with a proven record of exceptional generosity through direct financial support and charitable responsibility.

In 2013, AlloSource pledged an annual financial contribution to fund the Phoenix Society’s Educational Grant Program – the first and only national scholarship program created for burn survivor students. Over 163 students have received an education grant since the program’s inception in 2002.

“The skin allografts we provide help burn survivors physically, but we wanted to be a part of the full cycle of healing by supporting the mental and emotional aspect of recovery as well,” said AlloSource President and CEO, Thomas Cycyota. “The resilience and strength of the burn survivor community inspires us every day and we are privileged to partner with the Phoenix Society.”

AlloSource is one of the largest processors of allograft skin to save and heal burn survivors. The company remains committed to the processing of human skin for burn care because it is widely considered the gold standard in burn treatment.

“As our anchor Vision Partner, AlloSource has committed the largest gift in our history to be used over the next five years,” said Amy Acton, Executive Director of the Phoenix Society. “They are leading the way to assure there is greater access to the Phoenix Society’s community of support and services.”

The Harman Award was presented on October 20th at the 28th Annual World Burn Congress in Providence, Rhode Island.