Our innovation team has unique expertise in working with human tissue to maximize its impact on the medical community and patients through research and development. This experience has resulted in more than 100 patents and an ability to formulate, fabricate, and commercialize human tissue products.

Partnership opportunities include:

We cooperate with academics and industry partners to maximize the gift of donation and support novel research and innovation by making human tissue available. Tissues processed regularly include musculoskeletal tissue, skin, adipose and cartilage tissue.

We provide a sponsored investigator award program to advance clinical science regarding use of human tissue and its potential to improve patient outcomes. Types of studies that we support include, but are not limited to, prospective and retrospective clinical studies, health economic studies and registry data.


We work with organizations to support the transfer of innovative technologies for the purpose of commercialization.

We support grant co-applications including supply of research tissue, manufacturing of clinical grade medical products, contract product development and consulting, along with clinical study planning and execution. We currently participate as co-applicants for various grant awards through agencies such as the National Institute of Health, the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation, and serve as a contractor for small business awards.


We collaborate with academic and industry partners in the development and manufacturing of novel therapies derived from human tissue. We are experienced in different development activities including benchtop research, cGMP tissue processing and manufacturing.