AlloFuse Fibers and Fiber Boats can be used in spinal, foot and ankle or other orthopedic procedures to fill boney voids. They provide an osteoconductive scaffold with osteoinductive potential, and may be used with biologics or autograft tissue as directed by the surgeon.

Product Benefits

  • Made of 100% demineralized cortical bone
    Contains no carrier
  • May be used with biologics or autograft tissue
    Developed to support bone growth
  • Moldable and formable
    Users control consistency to maintain desired shapes
  • Sterility assurance level of 10-6
    Minimizes risk of infection
  • Osteoinductivity is tested on every lot
    Ensures osteoinductive potential
  • Stored at ambient temperature
    Simplifies storage and handling

  • Form into tightly compacted shapes to fill small boney voids.
  • Eliminate cutting or mincing, to save time and reduce unnecessary work.

  • Form into compact shapes to fill large boney voids.
  • Optimally designed for procedures requiring higher volumes of allograft.

  • May be used with biologics or autograft tissue to replace patient bone as directed by the surgeon.
  • Small and large sizes available to fill voids or span across bone structures.

*Featuring Demineralized Bone Fiber (DBF™) technology

AlloFuse Fibers

1cc 88231001
5cc 88231005
10cc 88231010

AlloFuse Micro Fibers

1cc 88241001
5cc 88241005
10cc 88241010

AlloFuse Fiber Boat

Size Length x Width X Height Volume REF/PRODUCT #
Small 50mm x 25mm x 6mm 5cc 88031050
Large 100mm x 25mm x 6mm 10cc 88031100