Hear From Our Veterans

Jeffrey Brown, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Essent Biologics

“After five years as a nuclear engineering and surface warfare officer in the U.S. Navy, I taught English overseas and then worked at a couple engineering firms stateside. I became interested in a field that was completely new to me – bioengineering. I completed a Master of Science in Bioengineering at Arizona State, then accepted a fellowship at Tufts University in Boston in their Biomedical Engineering department. Following completion of my Ph.D., I worked as an Engineer, then Operations Manager at a local medical device company, gaining valuable experience in an FDA-regulated environment. I started with AlloSource in 2018 as a Senior Scientist in the AlloSource Innovation Center (AIC). Today, I have the dream job I envisioned a few years prior with Essent Biologics, a subsidiary of AlloSource. The managerial and leadership experience that I gained in the Navy as my first career has served me well throughout this journey.”

Cody Olinger
Senior Operations Manager, Essent Biologics

“I would not have my job at AlloSource without my time in the military. One of my good friends from Germany married a girl that worked for AlloSource and because she pushed me, I took the risk and applied. I have served as Operations Processing Manager, overseeing AlloSource’s tissue production areas and Central Services team, then Manager AV Access, managing day-to-day activities including overall safety, compliance and productivity related to blood vessel manufacturing. Today, I am the Senior Operations Manager for Essent Biologics. In these last ten years, I have built a great career.”