Company adds AlloFuse Select CM, a cellular allograft matrix, to the AlloFuse portfolio

Centennial, Colo. — August 1, 2017 — AlloSource, one of the nation’s largest providers of cartilage, bone, skin, soft-tissue, and cellular allografts to advance patient healing in surgical procedures and wound care, today announced the release of AlloFuse® Select CM, a premium addition to AlloSource’s AlloFuse portfolio.

AlloFuse Select CM combines osteoconductive, osteoinductive, and osteogenic properties to initiate and nurture bone growth, delivering the benefits of autograft bone without the potential drawbacks. The product is clinically proven to activate and support bone formation and can be used in a variety of spinal, neurologic, and orthopedic procedures. This cellular allograft matrix also has good handling characteristics, as it is moldable and compressible for insertion into interbody implants or placement around anatomical structures.

“AlloFuse Select CM underscores our commitment to offering surgeons the advanced solutions they need to support their patients’ healing,” said Kerr Holbrook, AlloSource Chief Commercial Officer. “Our passion for our donors and recipients is reflected in the continued expansion of the regenerative therapies we provide.”

The addition of AlloFuse Select CM enhances the AlloFuse portfolio of demineralized bone fiber, putty, paste, and gel allografts. This line expansion provides surgeons with a premium AlloSource cellular allograft to meet a variety of needs for patients.