The AlloConnex soft tissue portfolio includes tendons, ligaments and fascia to support the multitude of procedures surgeons perform connecting patients back to their active lifestyles.

AlloSource’s soft tissue products include Achilles, anterior tibilais, gracilis, peroneus longus, posterior tibialis, semitendinosus, quadricep, patellar ligaments and fascia in the following formats:

  • Single strand and double strand non-bone tendons
  • Non-bone block quadricep tendon
  • Whole with bone block or pre-shaped Achilles
  • Whole, hemi or pre-shaped patella ligaments
  • Various sizes of fascia
AlloTrue™ Cleansing Process

AlloSource uses a unique, proprietary, patented cleansing process, AlloTrue™ Cleansing Process1. The process is designed to penetrate deep within donor tissue, removing blood and lipids, as well as reducing viable microorganism load. AlloTrue utilizes a combination of treatments of antibiotics, alcohol and multiple water rinses. The deep cleansing minimally manipulates the tissue, maintaining biomechanical properties of the tissue. AlloTrue is utilized with bone grafts, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

1. Patent No: US 8,303,898 B2, Date of Patent: Nov. 6, 2012


Graft Description Length Single D* Folded D*
Achilles Pre-Shaped ≥ 19 cm
Achilles w/ Bone Block ≥ 14 cm
Anterior Tibialis Double Strand ≥ 23.5 cm 7.5 mm min.
Anterior Tibialis Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm 5.0 mm min.
Gracilis Double Strand ≥ 23 cm 6.0 mm min.
Gracilis Single Strand ≥ 20-22.9 cm 3.5 mm min.
Gracilis/Semitendinosus Double Bundle ≥ 23 cm 4.0 mm min.
Patellar Ligament Pre-Shaped 3-5 cm
Patellar Ligament Hemi
Patellar Ligament Whole
Patellar Ligament Whole With Quad
Peroneus Longus Double Strand ≥ 26 cm 7.5 mm min.
Peroneus Longus Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm
Posterior Tibialis Double Strand ≥ 25 cm 8.0 mm min.
Posterior Tibialis Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm 4.5 mm min.
Semitendinosus Double Strand ≥ 23 cm 6.0 mm min.
Semitendinosus Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm 3.5 mm min.

D* = Diameter