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The full AlloConnex tendon and ligament portfolio supports the multitude of procedures surgeons perform to connect patients back to their active lifestyles.

AlloSource’s tendon supply includes single strand, double strand, double bundle and pre-shaped configurations. Specific allografts in the AlloConnex portfolio include Achilles, anterior tibialis, gracilis, peroneus longus, posterior tibialis and semitendinosus tendons, as well as patellar ligaments.

AlloTrue™ Cleansing Process

All AlloConnex tendons and ligaments are cleansed by AlloSource’s AlloTrue™ Cleansing Process. The patented process is designed to penetrate deep within donor tissue, removing blood and lipids, as well as reducing bioburden. AlloTrue utilizes a combination of treatments of antibiotics, alcohol and multiple water rinses. The deep cleansing, with minimal tissue manipulation, results in microbial inactivation while maintaining the biomechanical properties of the tendon.

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Product Sizes

Graft Description Length Single D* Folded D*
Achilles Pre-Shaped ≥ 19 cm
Achilles w/ Bone Block ≥ 14 cm
Anterior Tibialis Double Strand ≥ 23.5 cm 7.5 mm min.
Anterior Tibialis Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm 5.0 mm min.
Gracilis Double Strand ≥ 23 cm 6.0 mm min.
Gracilis Single Strand ≥ 20-22.9 cm 3.5 mm min.
Gracilis/Semitendinosus Double Bundle ≥ 23 cm 4.0 mm min.
Patellar Ligament Pre-Shaped 3-5 cm
Patellar Ligament Hemi
Patellar Ligament Whole
Patellar Ligament Whole With Quad
Peroneus Longus Double Strand ≥ 26 cm 7.5 mm min.
Peroneus Longus Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm
Peroneus Tibialis Double Strand ≥ 25 cm 8.0 mm min.
Peroneus Tibialis Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm 4.5 mm min.
Semitendinosus Double Strand ≥ 23 cm 6.0 mm min.
Semitendinosus Single Strand ≥ 18-22.9 cm 3.5 mm min.

D* = Diameter


AlloSource Customer Success Coordinators are available to provide expertise on our portfolio of tendons and ligaments. Call 800. 557. 3587 and we will make sure you have the life-saving and life-enhancing tissue you need to ensure your patients can Do More With Life.

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