AlloMend Mesh Shaped ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix) is an innovative approach to the use of ADM. It is designed for procedures which require strength and biocompatibility of a human regenerative tissue matrix combined with fluid egress and conformity. Its pre-cut shape saves valuable OR time while its meshing allows for adaptability to various sizes and shapes. Two pieces can be easily sutured together or used individually for various placement options. This versatile biologic scaffold supports incorporation and also retains growth factors and extra-cellular components of the native tissue.1,2

  • Meshing allows for graft expansion to provide adaptability with reconstruction procedures
  • Meshing also offers increased surface area verses non-meshed options for potentially faster incorporation, enabling fluid egress to possibly guard against seroma formation3
  • Flexible and pliable, offering desired handling characteristics to support precision placement
  • Terminal sterilization with e-beam technology to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, minimizing infection risk, while avoiding damaging the allograft tissue

DermaTrue™ Decellularization Process

AlloMend is processed with AlloSource’s proprietary DermaTrue Decellularization Process to remove cellular debris (including DNA, RNA, proteins and antigens) rendering the tissue acellular, thus contributing to a low immunologic response1, while retaining growth factors and collagen structure.2

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