Human skin allografts are temporary dressings containing viable cells and biologic factors native to human skin. They are used with critical burn patients to aid in infection control, fluid maintenance and pain control, as well as to conserve the use of precious autograft skin.

  • Cryopreserved allografts produced using a controlled-rate freezing process and protectants to preserve viable cells1
  • Processed to maximize allograft area, minimizing “patchworking” of smaller pieces in clinical settings
  • Choice of meshed allografts to save valuable OR time, or non-meshed allografts to allow custom adaptability at site

1 Data on file at AlloSource


Ask AlloSource about our CE content, Allograft Skin in Burn Care: From the Donor to the Recipient, to deepen your burn team’s understanding of the grafts they use.


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