ProChondrix CR: Viable, hyaline cartilage allograft for the repair and replacement of articular cartilage

ProChondrix CR is an off-the-shelf, cryopreserved osteochondral allograft used to treat surface cartilage lesions.

  • 94.97% chondrocyte viability after two years of storage at -80C1
  • Cost effective, single stage cartilage allograft
  • Trimmable and flexible graft that allows for easy allograft manipulation during implantation
  • Range of sizes for cartilage defects throughout the body
  • Ergonomically designed disposable instruments created specifically for ProChondrix CR

ViaTrue™ Cryopreservation Process
ProChondrix CR is created using AlloSource’s innovative, proprietary cartilage cryopreservation technology, ViaTrue. The unique process includes a controlled rate freezing of fresh cartilage within 72 hours of donor death, when the chondrocytes are still highly viable. ViaTrue processed cartilage products are then preserved for up to two years maintaining high chondrocyte viability.

  1. Rorick et al. Cryopreserved, Thin, Laser-Etched Osteochondral Allograft maintains the functional components of articular cartilage after 2 years of storage. J Orthop Surg and Res 2020; 15:521.

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