for patients in need of articular cartilage repair

ProChondrix CR, a laser-etched, cryopreserved osteochondral allograft, helps deliver the necessary components for articular cartilage restoration. This next generation of cartilage restoration therapy provides the live functional cells and other biological components necessary for repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues.1

  • The extracellular matrix helps support a structure for cellular migration and adhesion while preserving native growth factors.1
  • Presence of native growth factors help maintain healthy cartilage and facilitate chondrocyte functionality.1
  • Viable chondrocytes are present and can aid in cartilage repair by generating extracellular matrix proteins that help promote chondrogenesis.1

1. Delaney, R, Barrett, C, Stevens, P. AlloSource, Centennial, CO. ProChondrix® Cartilage Restoration Matrix Contains Growth Factors Necessary for Hyaline Cartilage Regeneration.

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Dr. Vishal M. Mehta

Dr. Vishal M. Mehta, Orthopedic Surgeon
Specializing in Sports Medicine

“It is true that in 70-80% of related cases, micro-fracture surgery reduces pain and improves function. However, we now have the ability to better see how these surgeries fare over time and their lasting impact on all surrounding areas. We discovered without the regeneration of new cartilage, many patients who had a successful micro-fracture surgery required a partial or full knee replacement in as few as five years’ time. ProChondrix works by enhancing the success of a micro-fracture surgery and allowing the affected area to more naturally heal and rebuild strength.”



Meg Saeger – ProChondrix RecipientMeg Saeger – ProChondrix Recipient

“Hands down, this was the best decision for me. My deep knee pain is gone, I’m functional and I can keep up with my son again. It’s a world of difference.”

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Ashley Lumus – ProChondrix RecipientAshley Lumus – ProChondrix Recipient

“Being in the medical field, I was curious. I trusted Dr. Mehta and knew if he was confident in using the product, I was confident too.”

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Product Sizes

ProChondrix® CR Diameter

9 mm 11 mm 13 mm 15 mm 17 mm 20 mm

Shelf Life 
2 years

Storage Information
Store at or below -40°C

Thawing Instructions

  1. Place vial in warm or room temperature sterile saline to thaw
    cryoprotectant (approximately 5 minutes for warm or 10 minutes for
    room temp).
  2. Remove the graft from the vial and rinse with sterile saline to remove remaining cryoprotectant.
  3. Keep graft in sterile saline until ready to implant.

Dedicated disposable instrumentation available
Custom disposable instruments designed to aide in the preparation of the implant site. The patented coring tube technology provides a precise cut and creates uniform vertical walls.


AlloSource is proud to partner with Stryker to distribute ProChondrix CR across multiple treatment areas, expanding access for patients. To order ProChondrix CR, please contact:

Stryker Sports Medicine
866. 596. 2022

Stryker Trauma and Extremities
201. 831. 5000

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