AlloWrap is a human amniotic membrane designed to provide a biologic barrier following surgical repair. The dual-sided membrane features two layers of amniotic tissue oriented with the epithelial layers facing outwards, eliminating application orientation restrictions.

  • Dual-sided epithelial layer allows for maximum tissue barrier opportunities as an on-lay and/or in wrapping tissue applications, i.e. to support the body’s natural ability to reduce adhesions in demanding spine, trauma and extremity, sports medicine, and other surgical applications.
  • Tissue remains in surgical site greater than eight weeks.1
  • Immune privileged2, non-expansive, pliable tissue that conforms and settles within the surrounding tissues to form a stable, thin, strong membrane barrier.
  • Moist (AlloWrap) or dry (AlloWrap Dry) configuration to aid in demanding surgical placement.
  • Room temperature storage, with two-year shelf life.

AlloSource Placenta Donation Program
AlloWrap is derived from human amniotic membrane from a donated placenta directly following childbirth.  The AlloSource Placenta Donation Program provides an opportunity for women who are pregnant to collaborate with AlloSource and their doctor to facilitate the recovery and donation of their placenta. Learn more here.

  1. Samaniego, Adrian, B.Sc., AlloSource®, Centennial, CO: Human amniotic tissue as an anti-adhesion, anti-fibrotic barrier in an ovine spinal laminectomy model.
  2. Mamede Amniotic membrane: from structure and functions to clinical applications. May 18, 2012. Cell & Tissue Research.

AlloWrap Double Sided (DS)

2 cm 2 cm (4 cm2) 70120004
2 cm 4 cm (8 cm2) 70120008
4 cm 4 cm (16 cm2) 70120016
4 cm 8 cm (32 cm2) 70120032

AlloWrap Dry

2 cm 2 cm (4 cm2) 70220204
2 cm 4 cm (8 cm2) 70220208
4 cm 4 cm (16 cm2) 70220216
4 cm 8 cm (32 cm2) 70220232